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BEERS – Saskatchewan

Carlsberg Lager – Single 500mL Can

Manufacturer: Carlsberg
SKU: 8648

DESCRIPTION: Carlsberg Lager – Single 500mL Can

Carlsberg – 50L Keg

Manufacturer: Carlsberg
SKU: 7965

DESCRIPTION: Carlsberg – 50L Keg

Carlsberg Lite – 500mL Single Can

Manufacturer: Carlsberg

DESCRIPTION: Carlsberg Lite – 500mL Single Can

Carlsberg Lite is a clean, refreshing, light flavoured 4% abv beer. Its distinctively smooth taste, balanced by subtle bitterness, combine to make it a truly unique light beer with a European heritage.

Tuborg – 500mL Single Can

Manufacturer: Carlsberg

DESCRIPTION: Tuborg – 500mL Single Can

Not Your Father’s Root Beer 4pk Can 473ml

Manufacturer: Not Your Father’s Root Beer
SKU: 25758

DESCRIPTION: Not Your Father’s Root Beer is made with a proprietary blend of spices such as sarsaparilla, birch bark, and Madagascar vanilla, which contribute to the beer’s woody, earthy notes. It also includes many natural botanical extracts including oak, ginger, wintergreen, licorice, honey, citrus, and mint.