BEERS – Manitoba

Moosehead Light Lime – 12 / 24 pk Bottles

Manufacturer: Moosehead Breweries
SKU: 9482 – 12 pk
SKU: 15830 – 24 pk

Moosehead Light Lime 12 / 24 pack Bottles 341mL

Moosehead Light Lime brings you the crisp, clean taste of Moose Light – with a twist! A twist of natural, fresh lime flavour in every cool, refreshing sip.

Moosehead Anniversary Ale 473mL Cans

Manufacturer: Moosehead Breweries
SKU: 22777

DESCRIPTION: Moosehead Anniversary Ale is a Canadian pale ale made with 100% Canadian Ingredients sourced from coast-to-coast. Truly a “taste of Canada”, this hop-forward pale ale is made with hops from Thompson Okanagan, British Columbia, Sainte-Anne-de-Prescott, Ontario and Moose Mountain, New Brunswick, and Canadian barley malt from Neustadt, Ontario and the Canadian Prairies.

Moosehead Pale Ale 12 pk

Manufacturer: Moosehead Breweries
SKU: 8232

DESCRIPTION: Moosehead Pale Ale was the first beer to be branded Moosehead. “Moose Red” as it is referred to in the Maritimes, has a loyal following. It is “the beer that built the brewery”. A true top-fermented ale, Moosehead Pale Ale is medium bodied and fermented at warmer temperatures to impart its formal aromatics.

Moosehead Radler – 12 pk Cans

Manufacturer: Moosehead Breweries
SKU: 20656 – 12 pk

Moosehead Radler 12 pk Cans 355mL

A 4% abv beverage described as containing 85% beer and 15% fruit juice, the latter a blend of grapefruit, grape and lemon juices.

Cracked Canoe – 8 pk 355mL Cans

Manufacturer: Moosehead Breweries
SKU: 12155 – 8 pk

DESCRIPTION: Cracked Canoe is an award-winning light lager that does not compromise on flavour. We use premium ingredients and brewing techniques to ensure you get the benefits of a light beer and the refreshing, full-bodied taste of a lager. The best part? It’s only 90 calories per bottle!