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BEERS – Manitoba

Krombacher – Dark 30L Keg

Manufacturer: Krombacher
SKU: 11017

DESCRIPTION: Krombacher – Dark 30L Keg

Krombacher – Alkoholfei (Alcohol Free)

Manufacturer: Krombacher
SKU: 12560

DESCRIPTION: Alkoholfei (Alcohol Free) 330mL Bottle

Krombacher – Weizen (Alcohol Free)

Manufacturer: Krombacher
SKU: 15344

DESCRIPTION: Weizen (Alcohol Free) 330mL Bottle

Krombacher – Radler (Alcohol Free)

Manufacturer: Krombacher
SKU: 12561

DESCRIPTION: Radler (Alcohol Free) 330mL Bottle

Holsten Festbock – 500mL Can

Manufacturer: Holsten
SKU: 334276

DESCRIPTION: Holsten Festbock – 500mL Can

A taste festival! Holsten Festbock is a full-bodied dark beer, aromatic and flavourful. Brewed in accordance with the German Purity Law, it contains only natural ingredients. This beverage is characterized by its high original gravity and strong 7% alcohol content.