WETT Sales & Distribution

Mission Statement:

To provide high quality, independent and professional representation for our customers in both the sales and distribution of beverage alcohol products. PullQuote_B

Corporate Objective

“To Conduct Our Sales Activities In Such A Manner As Not To Be Out Performed By Any Competitor in The Manitoba and Saskatchewan Marketplace”

Brief History

Started in 1991 by Bill Gould and Todd Thurston as a beer distributorship, WETT Sales & Distribution has grown from a two man operation in Manitoba to a full service beer distributor in Manitoba and a beer, wine, and spirits agency in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

With great support from all our Suppliers over the years, a terrific team of staff , the M.L.C.C. and the S.L.G.A., and most importantly fantastic customers, WETT has survived the changing landscape of the beverage alcohol world for 25 years.


Please feel free to contact a WETT Sales Representative Anytime!